BIO IGP INFERNALE Extra Virgin Olive Oil 250 ml Gift Box

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In summary
Infernale is a blend of cultivars with an olfactory note of fresh almond, very pleasant herbaceous and green olive.
The Frantoio variety also offers a particular note of roasted coffee. The bitter note is harmonic and not woody while the spicy note, a characteristic note of the Tuscan varieties, is between medium-high values.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil obtained from the pressing of olives of the Frantoio and Pendolino Cultivars.

Production area:
Val d’Orcia. 650 m asl (Sarteano – Siena).

Intense green with emerald reflections.

Intoxicating. Intense fruity green olive. It is an explosion of freshness and fragrance. There are hints of freshly cut fresh grass, thistle, artichoke, chicory, green almond, basil. Elegant and clean, the aroma is enriched by a clearly detectable note of coffee. Excellent olfactory persistence.

Enveloping and with a great imprint. First bitter and then spicy, it keeps the fruity, herbaceous and vegetable notes well expressed in the mouth as a whole. Strong taste, but not aggressive, with a pleasant persistent note of artichoke.

Eloquent and decisive. Spicy and bitter blend together joining the sensation of fresh olive.

General features:
It fully expresses all the characteristics of Tuscan oil and general ones in particular of the land from which it originated. Rich in polyphenols (about 700 mg / kg) and of great character, it maintains its well-defined identity throughout the tasting process. Its complex and elegant aroma is an excellent business card that creates excellent premises and expectations that are promptly confirmed to the taste. “Infernal” is its name: “Heavenly” its sensory language “.

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