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10% Discount

On the occasion of CIBUS 2024, Podere Val d’Orcia will be happy to offer you a special 10% discount on all our products for orders until 13-06-2024.

True Tuscan Organic Products

The Podere Val d’Orcia Agricultural Company is a certified company for the production and processing of organic products according to EU Regulation 2018/848.

This Regulation defines a production method that takes into account all those forms of cultivation and breeding that tend to enhance and preserve biological production systems, without the use of synthetic chemicals, carrying out a function of protection of the environment and conservation of rural space, using renewable energies in the best possible way and enhancing territorial, environmental and natural resources.


Products from Olives

Oil of superior quality, organic and IGP, produced by learning to respect the times of nature and its equilibrium

Products from Einkorn Spelled

Spend time preparing what you love and remember that nutrition is the secret of your well-being.