Not just soups and salads. Spelt, and in particular flour, is also an excellent ally for the preparation of desserts. A slightly different taste, lightness and naturalness: these are the advantages of this ingredient, capable of providing a caloric intake of 335 Kcal per 100 grams compared to the 364 of normal wheat flour. Spelt, then, is generally grown at altitude, it is resistant and does not require weeding or fertilization based on chemical products: in general, therefore, it is a "more natural" cereal and suitable for those looking for authentic flavors and friends of environment. Not only, spelt flour is also particularly rich in proteins (15%) and vitamins of group B. The gluten content is also lower, therefore also suitable for those who have intolerances, but not celiacs.
Your natural awakening

Our Puffed Emmer is obtained by blowing the spelled grain that comes from our organic crops.

Recommended for a light diet, it is obtained by steaming the spelled grains, as is the case with oats and puffed rice.

It is a fundamental ingredient in an energy-rich breakfast because it goes very well with milk or yogurt together with dried or fresh fruit and is rich in vitamins and minerals, such as magnesium, potassium, iron, calcium and zinc. Thanks to its versatility it is also perfect for preparing desserts and savory recipes.

The benefits
The contribution of fiber is also good, made particularly rich by the presence of its casing: for this reason, both in the choice of grains and flour, hulled spelt is by far preferable, while the pearled one (lighter) has a lower nutritional richness and it has a faster cooking speed. In fact, only the husk is removed from the hulled spelt, the outer shell, devoid of great nutritional values. While the pearly one undergoes an abrasion process similar to that of rice. Spelt flour is the product obtained by grinding Triticum spelta (or major spelt), Triticum dicoccum (spelt proper, or medium spelt, very similar to durum wheat) or Triticum monococcum (small spelt). From the point of view of taste, bread, pasta and desserts made with spelt are usually preferred over wholemeal flour preparations.
If you have classic spelt at home, with a more neutral and delicate flavor, you could use it in salads, but also as an ingredient in homemade breadsticks and crackers. Also delicious as a snack to eat alone, accompanied by a good beer. Breakfast is one of the most important meals because it serves to give us the right energy to start the day well. Puffed spelt is prepared by steaming the grains of the cereal and is an ingredient known for its use at breakfast. Adding spelt to breakfast, even in its natural and puffed version, is a good source of carbohydrates, but also of mineral salts.
Puffed spelt, in particular wholemeal spelt, is a real natural supplement for those who play sports. This ancient cereal, thanks to the richness of micro and macronutrients, has a tonic action. It helps the body during intense physical efforts such as training to deal with stress and fatigue with an extra gear. One of its strengths is versatility. Spelt flakes, for example, mixed with milk or yogurt, oilseeds and seasonal fruit for breakfast are perfect for making super-energetic porridge and muesli. At lunch, its grains paired with legumes (or eggs, fish or meat), seasonal vegetables and extra virgin olive oil are perfect for preparing quick and practical unique dishes to be consumed before training. Thanks to the richness of fiber and complex carbohydrates, they help to keep appetite under control and not to make the muscles lack the" fuel "essential to face training. Whole spelt pasta is also excellent for sports enthusiasts, especially if you go to the gym in the early afternoon. «Although from a caloric point of view it is similar to that of wheat (100 grams provides about 350 calories), it is more digestible. It therefore allows you to face light training, but with the right energy ». says the expert, who here explains why spelt is the ideal cereal for sports enthusiasts.

Counteracts the drop in energy

Whole spelt, in flakes, puffed or in the form of derivatives, including bread, has the great advantage of providing energy to the body in a slow way. In fact, it has a lower glycemic index than that of wheat and allows you to better modulate insulin secretion to limit sudden drops during training. The merit is of the complex carbohydrates and fiber of which it is a source that ensure energy and satiety for a long time.

Fights fatigue

Spelt provides a series of precious vitamins to combat the sense of fatigue during and after the workout. It provides B vitamins. “Contains vitamin B2 and vitamin B3, which play a fundamental role in the energy metabolism of fats, sugars and proteins. This cereal is also a source of tryptophan, a precursor of serotonin and dopamine, neurotransmitters that help you feel energized during training. Furthermore, its grains combined in the same meal with foods that provide vitamin C (spinach, lettuce, rocket, kiwi, citrus fruits) provide iron more easily assimilated by the body, useful for less fatigue”, says the expert.

Promotes muscle and bone health

Spelt provides methionine, an essential amino acid. “Combined with legumes (chickpeas, lentils, beans, peas) in the same meal, it provides all the essential amino acids involved in the development and maintenance of muscles. In addition, it promotes the formation of proteins, which are essential for post-workout muscle recovery. Spelt is also a good source of calcium, a bone-healthy mineral. It strengthens the skeleton and reduces the risk of suffering joint pain and osteoporosis” says the expert.

Helps to stay away from cramps

Spelt is rich in vitamins that have an antioxidant action. "This cereal provides in particular good quantities of vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E which act as antioxidants for the control of free radicals that form during intense efforts, reducing inflammatory states during physical activity", says nutritionist Nicoletta Mouthpiece. Finally, its grains are an extraordinary source of magnesium. "This mineral promotes the correct functioning of the circulatory system and provides the muscles with an important help, counteracting the cramps that can occur during and after training".

Puffed spelt is the alternative to classic cereals, oat flakes, puffed rice, etc. Puffed spelt is a cereal with interesting nutritional characteristics: it is rich in vitamins, especially A, E, C and of group B as well as mineral salts such as magnesium, potassium, iron, calcium and zinc. Basically it is the perfect breakfast for a healht and dynamic day.
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Spelt energy bars are the ideal snacks to indulge in small snacks throughout the day
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By combining the Mediterranean tradition with the technological innovation of blowing, we have created a new type of food, natural, perfect for all momements of the day and highly digestible. The puffed einkorn spelt pasta preserves all the nutritional properties of spelt and the extra virgin olive oil and rosemary cndiments that make it tasty and alluring product.
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