Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil IGP Toscana BACCANO 250 ml

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In summary
Baccano is a monovarietal oil with a very fruity olfactory note that refers to fresh vegetables.
With notes of artichoke and green olive, thistle and cut grass, it offers an intensity between medium and high with a bitter, non-woody, pleasant and aromatic note, even the spicy note is medium-high.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil obtained from the pressing of olives of the “Maurino” Cultivar.

Production area:
Val d’Orcia. 650 m asl (Sarteano – Siena).

Bright green.

Full and warm with a great presence of herbaceous notes. Balanced, complex and rich in fresh vegetal notes. The bitterness of olive blends well with the spicy sensation that is perceived above all in the aftertaste. Artichoke, celery and tomato leaf are present and clear even to the taste.

Soft and round initially, it then reveals a pleasant spicy note that makes the oil complete.

General features:
Baccano is fluid and refined oil. It combines a broad and general articulated aroma with a full and balanced taste. The polyphenol content is excellent (about 650 mg / kg). Overall it has an aromatic and gustatory framework that represents the particular expression of the variety (Maurino) from which it comes. As a beautiful and important woman, she is charming and intriguing.

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